Friday, March 06, 2009

Rapid Cart for blogs and more!!

A great feature for all involved! Whether you like to shop with ease, sell with ease or even just browse, the new rapid cart feature on ArtFire has just made life easier for all of us. Take a look at this cool new feature and browse or buy my soap right from my blog.

If you sell your own crafts online you can use Rapid cart for your blog, website or anywhere that you can post flash code. Hope this information is helpful for both shoppers and artists wanting to sell their own craft.


Jenn said...

These are some of the prettiest soaps I've ever seen! Thanks for the info on Rapid cart too...I hadn't heard of that!

Thanks a bunch,

DeShawn Marie said...

Thank you Jenn! Yea I'm pretty excited about the Rapid Cart feature too. Happy I could be of assistance.

Sedie said...

I have to say, if only for the rapid cart feature, I may sign up with artfire!!!!

DeShawn Marie said...

Artfire has alot of cool features I like. They may not be up to Etsy standards, but they are on their way to creating something quite their own and I think it will be another success story. I recommend it.