Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Soap Makers Ultimate Compliment

new soap 021

Last week I was happy to see a repeat customer take advantage of my 6 for $25 plus free shipping sale.   It’s always nice to see people come back and purchase again.  After Heather of Vanity Design made the purchase last week I shipped it out as usual and stuck a little note in saying “thanks for the continued support”  As usual I hoped the package would get there safely and that my customer would be happy with it.

As soon as Heather received her package I received nice positive feedback from her on Etsy.  She wrote  “Best soap on Etsy I swear! I open all the boxes and set the soap around in my bathroom. They are so beautiful to look at that they add to the decor and smell so yummy you would have no idea my nine year old boy cant aim! They are not froo froo smelling at all so my husband uses them as well.”  I was delighted that she called my soap “the best soap on Etsy”  With all the soap makers on there that is quite a compliment.

Now if that wasn’t enough a few days later she writes me telling me she is scenting her whole home with my soap.  Again I’m flattered and I’m thinking “it’s so nice to have customers that really like my stuff”

At this point I thought it really can’t get better than this.  Then today I wake up to even another message from Heather.  Here is what it said “I'm redoing the downstairs bathroom to match the peppermint soap. I love the colors so much I'm taking it with me to Bed Bath and Beyond tomorrow.  Now that is some good soap when a bathroom has to be remodeled around it!”


new soap 022

When I received this message from Heather I just about died laughing and then I thought “WOW that is awesome that some one likes my design so much that they are designing their whole bathroom around what I made!”  This truly is the soap makers ultimate compliment!  I am writing this post to share this experience but also to give Heather an official online “THANK YOU!”  Please take the time to visit her shop on Etsy at Vanity Design.  She has some really cute pendants and is a super sweet person.  I would love to send her some support equal to what she has done for me.  Thanks Heather and I’m happy your husband was in agreement after seeing the soap :)


Amina said...

what a great compliment :)
i still need to use them!
so far, i am just smelling and admiring them

DeShawn Marie said...

haha Amina, use the soap!! You have enough now to atleast try one LOL.

Scent of Indulgence said...

Your soap looks awesome. Congrats on the repeat business. I think customer loyalty is a great indicator that you're on the right track.

Heather said...

I went shopping today for my new bathroom accessories. I took the soap with and asked the sales lady to decorate a room around "this" and showed her the soap. Cracked myself up since I remember there being a faucet commercial very similar to that. My new bathroom, minus the painting aspect, is FABOOOOO!

This weekend I'm off to the paint store!

DeShawn Marie said...

Thank you SOI, I appreciate the compliment and pat on the back from a fellow soapmaker.

DeShawn Marie said...

Heather, take pictures of the before and after and I'll post them. Would be fun :)

Lucie Wicker Photography said...

I dont blame her, that soap is beautiful looking!

DeShawn Marie said...

hahah Thanks for the thumbs up Lucie. I'll keep creating soap to inspire people to redecorate their bathroom :) Some how I'll be making the world a better place one bathroom at a time LOL