Thursday, December 16, 2010

FREE PRIORITY SHIPPING 5 Best seller soap gift by DeShawnMarie

FREE PRIORITY SHIPPING 5 Best seller soap gift by DeShawnMarie:
"This luxurious gift pack includes 5 of my top selling soaps. If you want to see more information on these soaps you can visit my Etsy home page at where you will see them listed individually.

Includes these 5 vegan soaps
1) Lilac Rose
2) Vanilla Coconut
3) Sugar Lime
4) French Lavender
5) Peppermint Rosemary
they are all shown in the photo above
** on time Christmas shipping applies to orders placed in the continental USA.

Your soap gift will arrive in one of the jewel toned gift bags (pictured above) ready for gift giving. You can't go wrong with these choices! Plus free priority shipping (in the USA), what more can you ask for? ;-) Happy Holidays!"

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  • Sunday, October 31, 2010

    How to make your own bath bomb fizzies at home

    • 1 cup citric acid
    • 2 cups baking soda
    • Witch hazel
    • Coloring of your choice
    • Fragrance or essential oil of your choice
    • Any shaped molds or dome molds
    You will also need a squirt bottle

    1.)  Blend the citric acid and baking soda-It is a good idea to use a blender or pestle and mortar to grind it down into a very fine powder so you do not end up with a grainy bath bomb.

    2.)  After you have mixed the baking soda and citric acid very well add your coloring (a little goes along way)

    3.) Add your fragrance oil enough to your liking.

    4.) Fill your small squirt bottle the witch the hazel-Spritz your above dry mixture with the witch hazel and mix it all together until the mixture it sticks together when squeezed. This is the the best way to test them work fast and do not add to much witch hazel. Pack them hard and firmly into molds. Let them dry about 4 hours. Then remove your bath fizzies and take a bath!

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  • DeShawn Marie Etsy Shop
  • Sunday, October 10, 2010

    Sunday Etsy Finds

    Onor Trousers
    I've decided to make a regular thing of my Sunday Etsy Finds, so here are my new favorites this week.  I hope you all enjoy them.  I'm sure these artisans would all be thrilled if you dropped by their shop and favorited them :-)

    Smock Paper Letterpress Thank You Cards  
    Tina H Dee Sterling Ring

    Deitrich by Jay B Millinery
    Happy Sunday everyone!  Please share the handmade love with your family, friends and co-workers.
    xoxo, DeShawn

  • Tuesday, October 05, 2010

    Handmade Soap Gifts on Sale

    Handmade Soap Birthday Gift
    Anybody you know have a birthday?  This little gift is a great way to tell them you are thinking of them on their special day.  All gifts in my gift section are on sale this week only.  Stock up and save now on these little goodies.

    The anytime gift! 
     This gift works for anytime of the year, to say thank you, congratulations, get well and more.  Includes 2 handmade soaps and with all of my gifts being $2 off this week you can't go wrong for that price.  Oh and did I mention it's pretty :-)

    Holiday gifts on sale too
    For all of you people who like to get their holiday shopping over before everyone else is even thinking about the holidays, well now is your chance as all of my holiday gifts are $2 off this week too.

    Holly Christmas gift
    You're a star holiday gift

    Even my popular gifts such as the "Perfect Soap Gift" below are on sale.
    The perfect soap gift
    It's not often I put all of my gifts on sale, but in preparation for the holiday season ahead I thought I'd do a little promo on all of my gifts and at the same time have a sale for all of those early bird shoppers.
    So drop by my Etsy shop DeShawn Marie Etsy Shop and check out my gift section DeShawn Marie Gifts for all your gift giving needs.  I hope you enjoy them all.

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  • Sunday, October 03, 2010

    Sunday Etsy Finds

    One of my favorite Sunday morning activities is favoriting shops on Etsy and finding cool new things!  I thought I'd share a few with you this morning.

    3 squares necklace        
    Liza Rietz Wool Cloche   
    Love and Knits Cable Gloves  
    My Adobe Cottage's farmhouse pillows
    These are a few of my favorite things this Sunday morning :-)  I hope you all take the time to visit each of these wonderfully talented artisan's shops. 

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  • Friday, October 01, 2010

    DeShawn Marie's Handmade Soap 24hr SALE is on!

    DeShawn Marie Handmade Soap MADE FRESH DAILY

    24hr Store wide SALE going on in my Etsy shop now! Don't miss out.
    $1 off everything in the shop.  Soaps regularly $4.95 now only $3.95.  Sale ends at 8pm Sat. Oct. 2nd.

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  • Sunday, September 19, 2010

    It happens every year!

    Well it's that time of year when I get behind on blogging, housekeeping, laundry and more!  The only thing I'm not behind on is soap making.  I'm making soap 24/7 to get ready for the fall and holiday season ahead.  I usually come up with a few new creations this time of year too.  Many of you await the release of these and I'm happy to present a few new prized babies this year.

    Starting with my new Tangerine Birch (oh my god I love this one!)

    and then what holiday season is complete with out the smell of fir needle?  This one truly smells like you just walked out of a pine forest.

    For those of you that know my love of coffee are probably surprised that I haven't had this one out until now.  Introducing Vanilla Caffe!  Simply yummy.

    and one more!  This one is not necessarily geared for the holidays, but I just can't leave it out as I love the scent.  I can't walk by it without taking a whiff in.  My new Grapefruit Palmarosa...mmm mmm!

    All of these new ones are available at my Etsy shop except for the Grapefruit Palmarosa which will be released next week.  I'm very excited about all of these new ones.  The scents are simply out of this world!
    I hope you all enjoy them as well.  I should have one or 2 more new soaps before the seasons end too, so stay tuned.

    Friday, August 20, 2010

    New Handmade Soap Gifts now available at my Etsy shop

    The Anytime Handmade Soap Gift!

    I've created this gift to fit pretty much any occasion.  Birthday, holiday, friendship, Mother's day, Spring, you name it.  Featuring 2 of my handmade soap packaged in my popular gold boxes and then wrapped in gold paper, adorned with a gorgeous satin edged bow and gift card.

    The Perfect Soap Gift with new damask gift tag!

     My popular "Perfect Soap Gift" now has the option of adding a gorgeous damask gift tag.  Great for the holidays, office gifts, holiday party hostess gifts and more!

    Holiday Handmade Soap Gift

     Speaking of the holidays, yes I know it's early, but I have to start preparing now so I thought I'd give you guys a little peek in to what is in store for the holidays.  Gorgeous gift wrapping options for this season!

    Just because you are a great friend gift

     This cute little gift with special "friend" tag makes a great little something to brighten your favorite people's day.  Everybody loves handmade soap especially when it comes from some one they love.  This is also a preview to what some of my bridal, wedding and shower favors will be for the 2011 season.

    A lot of new options will be popping up in my Etsy gift section over the next few weeks so stop back by to see more.  Keep DeShawn Marie handmade soap bookmarked for anytime you need a quick gift.

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  • Friday, August 06, 2010

    My popular soap 6 pack sale plus free shipping is back!

    Going on all weekend long at my Etsy shop you can get 6 of my handmade vegan soaps for $26 and yes you heard it right FREE SHIPPING too!!  So don't miss out on this super deal as it won't be back again until next year.

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  • Wednesday, July 28, 2010

    Make your own deodorant at home

    Out of the many years of making bath and body products one thing I had never made was deodorant. I found this nifty recipe online and just love it!! It is easy to make your own all natural deodorant bar.

    You can put it in any type of heavy duty plastic mold and pop it out with a pretty design or shape.

    1.5 oz. of white beeswax
    .5 oz. of cocoa butter
    1 oz. of coconut oil
    10 drops rosewood essential oil
    4 drops lavender essential oil
    4 drops coriander essential oil

    Melt the beeswax and cocoa butter on low heat, remove from heat and add the coconut oil.  Stir until all melted.  Allow to cool slightly.  Make sure it is still pourable and then add the essential oils.  Stir well and then pour into a mold or deodorant container.

    So refreshing to use all natural deodorant and it WORKS!!!

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  • Saturday, July 10, 2010

    BPR Designs amazing soap dishes!

    So when I decided to do a giveaway to celebrate 500 followers on my blog I had no idea that the lovely winner of my soap would be a crafty soap dish maker! I just can't contain the secret anymore, you all have to see these amazingly stylish dishes.

    Introducing BPR DESIGNS you all have to meet her and her fabulously designed soap dishes. What a perfect accessory to my soap :-)

    How can you not want this?

    A lot of people say one of the biggest problems with my soap is that there are so many of them that it is hard to choose , well I think that same thing applies to BPR Designs too. I want them all!!

     Such fabulous colors and designs to go with any bathroom or kitchen.

     Not only are they gorgeous, but they are reasonably priced too, with most of them priced around $13 how can you not want at least 2?

    Baby blue, mint green, fire red, yellow and more!

    So please stop by BPR DESIGNS ON ETSY, heart her shop, heart her dishes and most of all support this wonderfully talented gal!

    Oh and don't forget if you need some super sturdy gorgeously crafted washcloths drop by my dear friend  Uniquely Ewe's shop too.  Just take a look at these pretty colored cloths I don't think you have to be a Tennessee fan to want those ;-) and if those don't capture you take a look at her whole collection, WOW!!

    Have a great weekend everyone a, I hope you enjoy these wonderful ladies crafts.

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  • Thursday, July 01, 2010

    And the winner is........drum roll please

    That's right, we've got a winner!!  I put all of the entries into a hat and drew out a name.  I'm happy to announce the lucky winner is BPR Designs!!  I've just sent her an announcement of her winnings on Etsy and Facebook.  Hopefully she will wake up soon to see her good fortune(she lives on the west coast) Congratulations BPR Designs. Who also happens to be a soap dish designer from Portland, OR. Now I'm curious which lovely soap she is going to want??  Hmmm waiting in anticipation ;-)

    Thanks to all who entered. If you didn't win, don't worry there will be other chances in the future :-)

    If you are reading this in a Facebook note, a reader or some other format then go to my blog at DeShawn's Blog to see the original post.

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  • Wednesday, June 23, 2010

    It's time for another giveaway! Win free soap!

    In celebration of reaching 500 followers on my blog this week I am giving another soap away!  It's super easy to win so take a moment and join in on the fun.

    Firstly you must be following this blog to win, so if you are not please do at this time.  Secondly, once you are following all you have to do is tweet about one of my soaps on my website DeShawn Marie Soap and include a link to it in your tweet. If you'd like you can also tweet about one of my soaps from my Etsy site too DeShawn Marie Etsy Once you have tweeted about any of my soaps (make sure you include a link to the soap) then just add a comment to this post with the link to your tweet.  It's that easy. If you don't tweet,  don't worry you can also post a facebook update with a link to my site or you can blog about my soap.  As long as you put a link to any of my soaps on my website or etsy site then you qualify.  Be sure to include a way for me to contact you in your comment as well.

    You can tweet, facebook or blog as often as you want.  Just be sure to leave a comment back here with a link to it as the more you tweet, facebook and blog the more chances you have to win.  You can enter as many times as you want. This giveaway ends on Wednesday June 30th.  That evening I will put all the names in a hat and draw a winner.  So what are you waiting a little tweeting, blogging or facebooking and one of these gorgeous soaps could be in your home next week. Winner gets to pick which ever soap they would like.

    If you are reading this in a Facebook note, a reader or some other format then go to my blog at DeShawn's Blog to see the original post.

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  • Monday, June 21, 2010

    Body lotion recipe for dry skin that you can make at home

    Trying to conquer dry skin?  This could be your answer and it's easy to make!

    * 3/4 cup of almond oil
    * 1/3 cup of coconut oil or cocoa butter
    * 1 teaspoon lanolin
    * 1/2 oz grated beeswax
    * 2/3 cup rosewater
    * 1/3 cup aloe vera gel
    * 1 to 2 drops rose oil
    * 1 vitamin E capsule


    Melt almond oil, coconut oil, lanolin and beeswax over low heat. Mix well and let cool.

    Mix rosewater, aloe vera gel and rose oil. Add the contents of the vitamin E capsule. Whip this mixture into the beeswax mixture until well blended. Store in a jar with a tight lid.

    Hope all of you alligator skinned folks find some pleasure from this one.  It's pure luxury!


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  • Thursday, June 10, 2010

    Oh look at that!! Almost 500 followers.

    Once I hit 500 it will be time for another soap giveaway! Yipppeeee! So be sure to tell all of your friends to follow for their chance to win a free bar of DeShawn Marie handmade soap. You will have to be following to enter to win. Thanks to all of you for your support!

    One of these babies could soon be yours ;-)
    My popular Limoncello soap!

    This will be the first giveaway since I introduced my new organic you may have the chance to win one of my new Orange Anise Organic soaps or maybe even my Spearmint Eucalyptus pictured below

    I just love giveaway time!!  Always so much fun to see people get excited about winning something for FREE!

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