Saturday, March 27, 2010

New Etsy store to open in April


This Spring has really put a spring in my step.  Not only am I releasing a full organic line in April I am also opening a new Etsy shop.  I've made custom soap loaves for many people over the years, but have finally decided to open a shop just for that.  Here is a preview of what's to come:


I've been working with some bed and breakfasts to create soaps for their guests and I just had one in San Francisco have me create these 2 different loaves.  All of the loaves I will feature in my new shop will be this size.  They are 3lbs and measure 9.5 x 2.75 x 3.25.  Here are some more photos of the Peppermint Rosemary:

I had wanted to start this project a while back but got caught up in other things and am finally able to put the time in to it.  My new Etsy shop will be opening at the end of April and will be located at I don't have anything listed at the moment but should start having things listed in the next several weeks.  I'll keep you posted to my progress on this.  In the meantime if any of you have any particular soaps you would like to see me create for the soap loaf shop please feel free to let me know what your favorites are :-)

Thanks as always for all of your support, you guys are great!  I truly appreciate all of the feedback, comments and support. xo, DeShawn

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  • Wednesday, March 24, 2010

    New soaps on the way!

    Well as some of you know I've been working on a new organic line and last month I released my Peppermint Tea Tree organic soap. In April I will release a few more organic soaps starting with my new Organic Cinnamon Bark soap, which is pictured below.

    I'm very excited about this new line of organics as I've been working on them for quite some time.  It's always fun to unveil my little creations for the worlds enjoyment ;-)  So far I've had a nice response to the Peppermint Tea Tree soap and I hope the Cinnamon Bark will win your hearts over too.

    Wait though, that's not all!  I've also been working on some new Spring and Summer soaps and have recently released my new Honeysuckle Calendula soap.  It's a vegetable glycerin soap that I absolutely love, it's so pretty I can't stop looking at it...hahaha.  Below is a photo of it.

    I've really been enjoying working with my new ingredients that I picked up on my trip to Vietnam and am very excited about the new creations to come.  I'm still working on a few that are not quite perfected yet which will include a Jasmine Tea Soap and a Basil soap. I haven't quite decided on what I am going to pair the Basil with yet, I've been tossing around the ideas of lime or rosemary.  I always feel so rejuvenated when Spring arrives, it seems to be the best time of year for me to create.  As the flowers all start to blossom I seem to as well.


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  • Monday, March 08, 2010

    Homemade Bath Salt Recipe

    Ever wanted to make your own bath salts?  Well this is my favorite recipe! Indulge and enjoy!

     Mix all of the ingredients below in a large glass or stainless steel bowl.  Store leftover salts in an airtight container.
    • 1 cup coarse sea salt
    • 1/2 tsp liquid glycerin (can buy at most health food stores or online)
    • 1/2 cup Epsom salt
    • 1/8 cup dried flowers (rose, chamomile or lavender are my favorites)
    • 10 drops lavender oil
    • 5 drops peppermint oil 

    This is really a luxurious experience.  Hope you all take the time to treat yourselves to this indulgent bath.

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