Monday, March 09, 2009

Loopy Knits Boutique

I’ve recently had the pleasure of doing business with Kelli of Loopy Knits Boutique and little did I know the luxury of hand knitted washcloths.  I’ve been using my own soap for 12 years and never even thought about handmade washcloths to go with them.  I was lucky enough that Kelli found me on Etsy and approached me about including some of my soaps as samples to go with her washcloths.

After I sent out the soaps she ordered I couldn’t get my mind from thinking “gosh I want to try some of those washcloths”  So I approached Kelli with the idea of swapping some soap for some washcloths and was very pleased she said yes.  My entire experience of working with Kelli has been wonderful, she is very communicative, understanding, easy to work with and flexible.  On top of that she is extremely talented, just take a look at her shop at Loopy Knits Boutique

loopy knits washcloths

I’ve now received my wonderful lime and raspberry cloths and am really pleased.  I had no idea how nice it could feel to use hand knitted cloths such as these.  I couldn’t help but write about it and share the experience with others.  If you love handmade soaps you should try some handmade cloths to go with them, you’ll never want to go back to terry, just like Kelli advertises.

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Catherine said...

I love the colors.