Monday, March 16, 2009

Amo Italia! (translation “I love Italy”)

For some reason ever since I was a little girl I have been in love with Italy.  I had always wanted to go even though I don’t have a drop of Italian blood in me.  I use to plan imaginary trips and dream of going there some day.  Well eventually I grew up and turned those dreams into reality. 

A lot of my soaps are inspired by Italian food, landscapes and even architecture.  For instance take a look at my Cedarwood Lavender Handmade Soap pictured below.

small cedarwood

and now take a look at this photo I took in Venice, IT

small venice photo

When I took that photo in Venice I never thought it would inspire a soap, but when I arrived home and looked through my photos this photo grabbed me every time and became one of my favorites.  Over time I wanted a soap that had the same complexity as this picture with the aged walls and the natural texture that jumps out at you.  I wanted the soap to have the warmth of the soft natural light in this photo and voila!  That is when I made my Cedarwood Lavender Soap.

Another one of my Italian inspired soaps is the Limoncello Soap which is created after the famous Italian liqueur Limoncello.  I had never heard of  it until one day I was sitting in a beautiful cafe in Positano, IT and they served me a complimentary Limoncello as an after dinner drink.  At first it was kind of tart, but then it grew on me and I fell in love with it.

Here is a photo of my Limoncello Soap

new extra soap photos 015

and here is a photo of the famous Limoncello Liqueur


I love all things Italian and I’m sure you’ll see more of my Italian inspired soaps and themes in the future, but thought I would take the time today to show you a few of my favorite Italian inspired soaps I make.

Ci vediamo presto!! (see you soon)


Lucie Wicker Photography said...

Limoncello is one of my fav soaps of yours, it smells so fresh and clean. Nice to read the story behind it!

Mary @ Annie's Goat Hill said...

Amazing creativity...and I can see where you get it...from the things that you love!

DeShawn Marie said...

awwwwe thanks to both Mary and Lucie! I appreciate the comments and support.