Monday, April 05, 2010

Soap Opera - Get Pretty

I'm featured in Boston's Stuff Magazine this month and just wanted to share the article with all of you.

Soap Opera - Get Pretty:
"Soap maker DeShawn Marie describes her craft as 'art, science, and cooking class, all in one.' A naturally creative type who loves both dabbling in the kitchen and traveling the world, she found her calling when she stumbled upon a DIY kit while Christmas shopping in 1996; two years later, soap making became her full-time gig. 'It's like when someone is painting and they decide to put red and blue together,' she explains. 'That's how it goes for me with smell.' Now based in Brighton, she peddles her gorgeous scented soaps online at and her own site, We chatted with the artist/chemist/chef about the inspiration behind some of the favorites in her line."

Click here to see full article: Stuff Magazine

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    Amy Warden said...

    Congratulations!! What a great write-up!

    oyz said...

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    Scented Candles said...

    Beautiful soaps!They look gorgeous

    LynnAnne said...

    Congratulations of the great feature!