Monday, April 26, 2010

My new Organic Soaps are now available at my Etsy shop

Stop by and take a look, I'll be adding more this week.  Just go to my Organic soap section in my shop to see what is listed now.  Thanks, DeShawn

~Organic Spearmint Eucalyptus Vegan Handmade Soap~

This soap starts with organic olive and coconut oils in which I add french green clay and mint leaves to. The scent is from 100% organic spearmint and eucalyptus pure essential oils. This soap smells amazing, very refreshing. It's pure, it's simple and it's wonderful!

Organic Cinnamon Bark Handmade Vegan Soap made by DeShawnMarie:
~Organic Cinnamon Bark Vegan Handmade Soap~

"This soap starts with organic olive and coconut oils in which I add ground orange peel and cinnamon to. The scent is from 100% organic cinnamon bark pure essential oil. This soap is designed specifically for exfoliation. It has a lot of texture to it and is great for those rough spots. It smells delicious!"

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    Beth said...

    The cinnamon bark especially sounds yummy!

    DeShawn Marie said...

    Thanks Beth!
    I'm really happy with them all, but yes the Cinnamon Bark one is quite special :-) and definitely one of my favorite new ones.

    Miss Val's Creations said...

    These look good enough to eat!

    Jamilah said...

    Are your soaps cold process?

    DeShawn Marie said...

    Hi Jamilah, yes these are cold process. Thanks, DeShawn

    FuturePrimitive said...

    really nice. my arabica looks almost the same! x

    Sarah said...

    Oh my goodness they look beautiful ... and yummy too ;)

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