Friday, April 02, 2010

Brooklyn is in the house...and so is Citybitz!

From time to time I like to take a moment and introduce you all to other wonderful artists out there.  Today is one of those days.  I would like to introduce Joan Huggard of Citybitz, an NYC based artist with many talents.  Besides being an amazing friend and person, Joan is a top notch stained glass artist.  She has developed her own unique style and designs which incorporates bits of NYC into her work, this is how she came up with the name Citybitz. What makes her work so special is also her talent for photography, she takes all of her own photos and incorporates them in to her stained glass and resin work. Her pieces have won the hearts of 1,000's of New Yorkers from Coney Island to the Upper East Side.

Here is an example of some of her resin work that incorporates a picture of a Brooklyn sign.

Joan's studio is in Brooklyn so a lot of her work features some of Brooklyn's amazing architecture too. Like the fascinating Brooklyn Bridge shown in the card case below.

Now I bet you are all wondering why I call her a stained glass artist at this point right?  Well Joan's Citybitz line is quite extensive.  Everything from mirrors, to pendants, to card cases, compacts, money clips and more! One of her new stained glass mirrors features pictures of graffiti in NYC, which is pictured below.

 Besides participating in the Brooklyn Flea every week you can also find Citybitz online at and on Etsy at    There you will find the full Citybitz collection including this Williamsburg Savings Bank Mirror.

You will also find an assortment of money clips, card cases and pendants.  Here are a few more pictures to show the wide range of products Joan creates.

Pictured above is the reversible Coney Island Cyclone Pendant
and below is the popular Gramery Park Gate Compact.

Well I hope you all take the time to drop by and visit Citybitz online and please give Joan some Etsy love by hearting her Etsy shop at Citybitz on Etsy 


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