Friday, February 13, 2009

2 more days to vote on your favorite scent

Stay tuned for contest rules later today! There are 2 more days to vote for your favorite scents. Currently Lavender and Orange are in the lead. Be sure to cast your vote as that is how I'll be choosing which soap to give away in the contest. Follow my blog by becoming a follower for a chance to win soap and other prizes that I will give away. If you are unfamiliar with my soaps you can see them at my Etsy store or my website, links are below.

DeShawn Marie's Etsy Store
DeShawn Marie Handmade Soap Website

If you are reading this in an rss reader or as a note on my facebook page, you can go to my blog to participate at DeShawn Marie Handcrafted Soap


John Jacobs, President of said...

What a great blog! You have put considerable time and effort into your pictures and you posts! :o)


DeShawn Marie said...

Thanks John!! I've been working hard at was my New Year's resolution to finally get this blog thing off the ground :)