Saturday, February 14, 2009

FREE SOAP, a Valentine from me to you!

That's right I'm giving away one of my soaps this Valentines to spread the LOVE! You've all been voting on your favorite scents on my blog poll and with just a few hours left for voting it looks like Orange is in the lead and Lavender is second. That means I'll be giving away one of my Lavender Orange soaps. Which is pictured above. Here is a link to it in my Etsy shop
Lavender Orange Handmade Soap

Now you're wondering what do I have to do to get my hands on that yummy soap? Well not much. Here's the contest requirements:

Go to any of my online shops
My Artfire
My Etsy
My Website
My DaWanda
My 1000markets
My Made it Myself

Bet you didn't know you could find me in so many places did you? For a chance to win the Lavender Orange bar of soap just visit one of my sites listed above and make a comment on this blog post about which site you went to. Then give your opinion, some advice or tell me which soap you like the best in your comment. Be sure to leave a way for me to contact you in your comment so when the contest is over I can award you your winnings (email, phone, blog or something.) This contest will run through February 22nd. When all of the comments are in I will then print them, put them in a hat and draw a winner!! Winner will be announced on Feb. 23rd. At that time I will need an shipping address to send you your free soap :)


If you are reading this in a reader, facebook note or some other format than my blog just click this link to go to my blog and participate
DeShawn Marie Handcrafted Soap Blog


Vanessa aka Navessa31 said...

i can't wait to try the jasmine handrolled soap. it looks divine!
(i went to your etsy shop.)

Roberta Laliberte said...

Hey DeShawn, love love love your soaps. Do you think its possible to somehow form shapes in the soap like simple recognizable shapes(,spirals,bugs etc.) I am not familiar with soap making and how fussy it is. Can you inject shapes in with a large boar hyperdermic. That would be neat.Have my fingers crossed for the draw!!!!!!!!!!

ikkinlala said...

I visited your Etsy shop, and I think your Lemon Slice soap looks wonderful. Are all of your soaps made with essential oils, or do some of them contain other fragrances?

ikkinlala AT yahoo DOT ca

Kerri Settle said...

I adore the look of all of your soaps. They look so elegant! I visited your Etsy shop and the Orange Vanilla soap is the one that always catches my eye.


Janelle said...

Can't wait to get my orange coconut soap.... :)
Great to meet you, and you can bet I'll be back for more!


Kelli said...

Hi DeShawn!! I went to your Etsy shop and I love the Perfect Rose soap! That's one I got for myself and it smells heavenly! I also just listed one of my washcloth sets with a mini soap of the Vanilla Coconut, which I love the scent of that as well. :) Thanks and I'll be back for more and hoping I win this one!

Kelli aka....loopyknitsboutique

Things Hand Made said...

Your soap looks good enough to eat! In fact my 2 year old reguarly tries to eat saop!

m. campbell-zurek-Urban Junkies Photography said...

ooooh, your peppermint rosemary soap looks like a great way to wake up in the shower!!
all of your soaps look so luscious!
(i went to your etsy shop)
urban junkies photography

Lady Farrah's by Locklear said...

Super delicious looking! Not only do your soaps look absolutely fabulous, but your photography skills are magnificent. Even though there are so many great flavors to pick from, I think the Oatmeal Almond is the most enticing. Your shop is so adorable that I actually had to write a blog pot about you!!

So scrumptious! Cheers! Ashley

Lorri said...

I saw your soaps on Etsy. The folded soaps are my favorite. I hope to order some for a friend's birthday. They look beautiful and I'm sure they smell great. Thanks for offering the giveaway.

Fraske Designs said...

hi deshawn, i love all of your soaps but i think my favorite might be the lilac rose because a) they are 2 of my favorite flower scents and b) it is so pretty! let me know if you ever make tulip scented soap :)