Thursday, February 03, 2011

Will I get out of here?

Well with just a little over a week to go I am really beginning to wonder if I'll be able to dig my way out of these piles to head to sunny Florida. By the time I'm ready we might get even more snow. Boston is doing everything in it's power to keep me here haha :-).

My Etsy shop is only open for another day, it will close on Saturday the 5th for me to start packing and digging my way out of here. If you have any last minute purchases be sure to get them in before Saturday.
Thanks everyone, I will be blogging through out this big adventure, so drop in and say hi every now and then.
xo, DeShawn


Jennifer Young said...

Hi, Good luck with your move! Sounds like it is going to be great for you! I moved to sunny Spain from Canada 7 & 1/2 years ago. It was a big move but fabulous. Good luck getting everything done and enjoy every moment! xo Jen

DeShawn Marie said...

Thanks so much Jennifer! I've lived a lot of places, but have been in the Northeast for 13 yrs. Ready for the change. This is the first big move I've really done while running the business so it is quite different to move with it than when it was just me :-) I'm happy to hear Spain has worked out for you, that's wonderful.

Thanks again for the well wishes
xoxo, DeShawn

Big Girl Jewelry said...

Are you sure you want to wait? We're due for 2 more inches tomorrow and another storm mid week!

Heather said...

Well, I assure you that it is much warmer in Florida right now. I think it was 80 degrees here yesterday in Southwest FL. Good luck on your move!

Mirna said...

Hi, Good luck for your move.
More power to you :)

You can also move to Bali, more sunny there, and run the business there, hehe....

Bonita Rose said...

you are moving to FL?? Omg... lucky you... hubby and I hope to move to south coastal GA in about 3 years.. we'll be closer then!
hugs. I love love your soaps.. and am thinking of joining your soap club again... love them! hugs and happy moving!

rendy said...

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