Saturday, March 27, 2010

New Etsy store to open in April


This Spring has really put a spring in my step.  Not only am I releasing a full organic line in April I am also opening a new Etsy shop.  I've made custom soap loaves for many people over the years, but have finally decided to open a shop just for that.  Here is a preview of what's to come:


I've been working with some bed and breakfasts to create soaps for their guests and I just had one in San Francisco have me create these 2 different loaves.  All of the loaves I will feature in my new shop will be this size.  They are 3lbs and measure 9.5 x 2.75 x 3.25.  Here are some more photos of the Peppermint Rosemary:

I had wanted to start this project a while back but got caught up in other things and am finally able to put the time in to it.  My new Etsy shop will be opening at the end of April and will be located at I don't have anything listed at the moment but should start having things listed in the next several weeks.  I'll keep you posted to my progress on this.  In the meantime if any of you have any particular soaps you would like to see me create for the soap loaf shop please feel free to let me know what your favorites are :-)

Thanks as always for all of your support, you guys are great!  I truly appreciate all of the feedback, comments and support. xo, DeShawn

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    Patrice-The Soap Seduction said...

    These are beautiful! I love the Peppermint Rosemary:)

    Teresa said...


    Amy Nicole/RubyMtnBeads said...

    I'm using peppermint rosemary right now! LOVE, love, LOVE it! Wishing you the best of luck in your new shop, I know you'll do wonderfully there!

    DeShawn Marie said...

    Thank you everyone, I've really been enjoying all of my new projects. Thanks for the kind words and support!

    Sara Valor said...

    Absolutely, loving your handmade soaps! Great work DeShawn, Thank you!

    T.A. Helton said...

    Love the look of the Peppermint Rosemary. It looks like the ocean...reminding me of the water at Jaimaca! Wish I were there ;-)

    jenny thao said...

    Hi, are you shipping to oversea?. I am living in Vietnam, really want to have your beautiful soaps. So please let me know the shipping method and postage charge?

    DeShawn Marie said...

    Hi Jenny,
    You can purchase at my etsy shop. Shipping to Vietnam is already on there so all you so is order and it will quote you the shipping. Here it is The best way to buy to ship to Vietnam is to use my flat rate section and order up to 6 soaps. Shipping for 6 soaps is $13.95 to Vietnam. Thank you and I LOVE VIETNAM!! LOVE IT!! WAS THERE EARLIER THIS YEAR...WHAT AN AMAZING PLACE.