Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Make your own deodorant at home

Out of the many years of making bath and body products one thing I had never made was deodorant. I found this nifty recipe online and just love it!! It is easy to make your own all natural deodorant bar.

You can put it in any type of heavy duty plastic mold and pop it out with a pretty design or shape.

1.5 oz. of white beeswax
.5 oz. of cocoa butter
1 oz. of coconut oil
10 drops rosewood essential oil
4 drops lavender essential oil
4 drops coriander essential oil

Melt the beeswax and cocoa butter on low heat, remove from heat and add the coconut oil.  Stir until all melted.  Allow to cool slightly.  Make sure it is still pourable and then add the essential oils.  Stir well and then pour into a mold or deodorant container.

So refreshing to use all natural deodorant and it WORKS!!!

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    Anonymous said...

    I make a homemade deo with equal parts baking soda to arrowroot powder and about 6 TBSP virgin coconut oil with essential oils to suit. I love it and think it works great. Still want to try your recipe too though!

    TheSoapSister said...

    Thanks for the recipe. I'm going to give it a try! Courtney, what is the consistency of your deodorant, and how do you apply it?

    DeShawn Marie said...

    Sure thing Soap Sister! Yes Courtney, would love to know more about your recipe too :-)

    Anonymous said...

    That's my link to my post on it.

    The recipe was:
    5-6 Tbsp Coconut oil (melted)
    1/4 cup baking soda
    1/4 cup arrowroot powder or cornstarch
    I added a few drops each of lavender, tea tree, rosemary, and lemon.

    It is a thickish paste. With the heat of the summer I would recommend putting it in a push tube and storing it in the fridge - it really applies good that way. (and feels nice and cool!)

    You can also easily put it in a smallish jar and just dip into it with your fingers and rub on. A little goes a long way.

    I used the tubes and made the mistake of leaving it out - well it melted a bit. A slight amount of the coconut oil seeped out the bottom of the tube which was messy.

    All in all - I love it. I went from anti-perspirants directly to this and had about a week of "extra sweating" while my pores detoxed, but I still never had odor!! I'm in love with it even more now. It's holding up to 90+ degree weather with high humidity.

    DeShawn Marie said...

    AWESOME! Thanks so much for sharing, I appreciate it and I'm sure my readers do too.

    Anne-Marie said...

    I'll cross over one of these days! Looks like a great recipe and glad to read that it works =)

    Muddled Mawkishness and Murky Musings said...

    Sounds like two recipes I'd love to try. It would be great to get off the chemical stuff. I'm glad I stopped by today!

    DeShawn Marie said...

    So glad to have you all visit. If any of you try either of the recipe's let me know. I'd love to know how you like them. Thanks again for visiting.

    jenniferarb said...

    I have been using the same recipe Courtney uses for about a year now. We live in South Texas. Last summer (over 50 days of over 100 degree temps) we had a few weeks without AC. This summer I spent two weeks as the camp nurse at Girl Scout camp. This summer on vacation the container leaked a bit which was annoying but I just need a better container. I can honestly say it's been field tested. The odor control is great and if you are out in the heat you will sweat as you normally would. The coconut oil liquifies over 76 degrees so keeping it in the fridge is a good idea. But I don't usually and it still works fine. I would like to try Deshawn's recipe too but I think keeping it in the fridge would be a MUST.

    Olinda Paul said...

    I used Courtney's's mine too...I love how it actually works. Even my 17 year old son loves it and you know how they can stink!

    Olinda Paul said...

    I have the same recipe as Courtney and have used this tried and true method. It really works. It's all I have used for some time now. You can really count on it to work. Hey, if it works on 17 year old teenage boy armpits, amen. He loves his. I can make it up fresh whenever I want and it's cheap to make.

    I have had some of my relatives cross over too. Others are afraid because they think they need an anti-perspiring deodorant. Most people really don't need it. It does the trick.