Monday, April 18, 2011

Lavender Orange and Ginger Vegan Handmade Soap ....FRESH BATCH!

Fresh batch! My exotic blend of Lavender, Orange and Ginger is back! The smell of this one is seriously to die for. Don't be fooled by it's simple design as the experience of this one will make you coming back for more. Hope you all have a chance to try it.

As always you may find my soap at my website or Etsy shop


Jennifer Young said...

Your soaps are SOOOOO beautiful. Would love to hear more about how your adventure is going? How is your new space? Photos? How are you enjoying Florida? And I was wondering, from soaper to soaper, how big batches do you make? I am just having to increase and increas and am having moulds made. Wish I could smell this one..... one of these days I will order one. xo Jen

Anne-Marie said...

What a great natural bar! What scrubby exfoliant do I see added there in?

DeShawn Marie said...

Hi Anne Marie,
Thanks those are poppy seeds :-)

DeShawn Marie said...

Hi Jennifer,
Do you follow me on Facebook? I have been posting some photos there and putting up some updates there. As for batches I don't stick to one size batch. It depends on how much I need of each particular soap. Everything is done in small batches though, I don't increase much. :-)

I'm loving the new studio, all is GREAT!!!!

Jodie - From The Earth said...

What an amazing blend of EO's. Simple but sounds soooo yummy :)