Sunday, October 31, 2010

How to make your own bath bomb fizzies at home

• 1 cup citric acid
• 2 cups baking soda
• Witch hazel
• Coloring of your choice
• Fragrance or essential oil of your choice
• Any shaped molds or dome molds
You will also need a squirt bottle

1.)  Blend the citric acid and baking soda-It is a good idea to use a blender or pestle and mortar to grind it down into a very fine powder so you do not end up with a grainy bath bomb.

2.)  After you have mixed the baking soda and citric acid very well add your coloring (a little goes along way)

3.) Add your fragrance oil enough to your liking.

4.) Fill your small squirt bottle the witch the hazel-Spritz your above dry mixture with the witch hazel and mix it all together until the mixture it sticks together when squeezed. This is the the best way to test them work fast and do not add to much witch hazel. Pack them hard and firmly into molds. Let them dry about 4 hours. Then remove your bath fizzies and take a bath!

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    Amy Nicole/RubyMtnBeads said...

    Thanks for the recipe! Sounds fun, I think I'll give it a try....

    Anne-Marie said...

    Bath bombs are such a fun project. This is a great basic recipe. Thanks for the recipe post and detail :)

    The Soap Sister said...

    Thanks for sharing, I can't wait to try these! :D

    craftluxuries said...

    What a great recipe. id love to try it

    Aaron Cooper said...

    Ive never actually used a bath bomb...but must try this recipe!

    melina bee said...

    so simple, I'm going to make these into little star molds tomorrow (silicone cookie tray actually). i like using these for foot soaks and it's easy to control portions this way. If all goes well, I'll be making these as part of craft gift swap next week

    Poet Torres said...

    Will these stick together well without a binder? It seems it would fall apart.

    Poet Torres said...

    It seems like it would fall apart with out a binder such as tapioca powder or corn starch.

    Dawn Mitchell said...

    I just made some using this recipe. Had no problem getting it to bind together as I sprayed with witch hazel as needed. Did not add FO or color as this is a test set, now just waiting for them to dry.