Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Bath Tea recipe for varicose veins

I've done a little research on varicose veins and have read some different herbal remedies online. I am currently testing this recipe out, but would like to go ahead and share it to see if anyone else benefits from this wonderful natural bath for varicose veins. I've just recently started getting the unsightly boogers and want to try and keep from getting anymore :-( I'm sure my many years of jobs in which I was on my feet all of the time have contributed to this.

So please if you try this out let me know how it goes for you?

2 tbs dried ginger or 4 tbs fresh sliced ginger root
4 tbs juniper
2 tbs rosemary
4 tbs dried lemon peel or 1 whole lemon quartered and squeezed into bath

I prefer to use the fresh ingredients to the dried, but if you only have the dried it works just fine.   I put all the fine ingredients in to a muslin bag and put in to the bath, but I like the fresh lemon and ginger to float in the bath rather than putting it in to a bag.  This is just my own personal preference, but you can do it any way you like to.

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    I would love to try it, someone told me that lemon is good for skin, so i will definitely try it.