Sunday, June 21, 2009

Updating DeShawn Marie Handmade Soap Website

Well some of you might know that I've been at this craft for quite a while. Going on 13 years now. I've had store fronts, sold wholesale, sold internationally, designed gift packs for Broadway plays and more. Getting caught up in all of that doesn't leave much time for focusing on things like websites ;-) So I've finally taken some time to do some improvements to my handmade soap website at

I'd really appreciate some input from my fans, readers and customers. It's not perfect yet LOL, but it's getting closer to what I would like it to be. I would really appreciate if any of you would take the time to drop by and let me know what you like or don't like about it. Also if you have any suggestions or ideas?? It still has a ways to go and I know that in certain browsers it shows up differently. If there is anything that you notice is really annoying or out of place please take the time to let me know :) There's a little something in it for you later this week.

Anyone who takes the time to do this will automatically be entered in to win a special prize later this week. Stay tuned for details. In the meantime take a look at my site and make comments on this post. Thanks in advance for your help xoxo, DeShawn


Anonymous said...

I like the "new and improved". You're doing a good job! I also like your profile picture better! Not that the old one was bad! The site had a refreshing sense when you enter!

Soap Kitten said...

The site looks good. Here are a couple of things that I found.

Browser: Firefox

Homepage – “enter site” link doesn’t work

Wedding Design page: the header (text) is cut off. “I love to create unique…”

What is Soap page: The ads at the bottom are overlapping your text.

Intro page: your counter just says “counter” and doesn’t show numbers.

DeShawn Marie said...

Thank you!! I know firefox is the one I am having the most trouble with. Those counters are a real pain in the you know what LOL. I just removed it. I appreciate your input tremendously!!

Soap Kitten said...

Not a problem! Your site is looking really nice! If I see anything else that needs fixing, I'll let you know.

DeShawn Marie said...

Thank you again! I'm working on fixing the things you mentioned. Much appreciation xoxo, DeShawn

Kerri Settle said...

I like the look! The only thing I really saw was that the text in the paragraph on the shop page randomly changes colors at the "each soap is individually handmade" section.

DeShawn Marie said...

WOW Kerri thanks!! Eagle eyes!! I had never noticed that. I think i fixed it now. Appreciate the attention to detail in catching that, DeShawn

Suzy ~ lorenzstudio said...

I LOVE the music on your site, but I know not everyone appreciates music when they enter a website. Perhaps if you had a button where a visitor could turn the music off, you might not "scare" them off!

I love that you can click on an image on the very first page and be taken to a page where you can purchase that product right away.

I feel the background is a little distracting. I like the image, but maybe a little less contrast would allow the soaps to stand out more than the background.

Site looks great and I absolutely love your soap! Keep up the great work.

The Redhead Riter said...

I never saw the last one, but we love the music, the slide of pics, the pics, the way we can blow up the newspaper articles, the intro page...we think it is grand. Alyssa left it on a while just for the music...and she says she's not like me...HA!